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Application of Recicen RD in obstetric-and-gynecological practice.

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Recicen RD (plant-yeast regulator of intestinal cenoses) is a modern enterosorbent promoting deep clearance of the organism. It consists of heat inactivated wine yeast as well as fermentable wheat bran and artesian water minerals. When entering the gut, it restores its motorics, binds toxins, saturates the organism with vitamins B1, B2, B6, RR, D2. Recicen RD, possessing prebiotic properties (its components are nutritional substrates for normal intestinal microflora), contributes to restoration of disturbed intestinal microbiocenosis. Its antiinflammatory effect (it causes decrease in antiinflammatory cytokine content) and immunotropic one are the most significant. Combination of these properties promotes wide application of this preparation in various spheres of medicine and, of course, in obstetric-and-gynecological practice.
Absence of fetal injuring effect that can be judged by the content of this preparation, as well as systemic sanogenetic effect of Recicen RD make it the basic preparation used in treatment of pregnant women with various pathologies - obstetric complications and extragenital diseases. In particular, it can be successfully used in the first trimester of pregnancy for regulation of functioning of the gut eliminating typical for that period constipations. Recicen RD is irreplaceable in complex treatment of pregnant women with incompetent pregnancy caused by genital infection (it is one of the most frequent reasons) since restoration of intestinal biocenosis promotes normalization of vaginal flora and mild immunomodulating effect. In conditions of gestation, when antiinflammatory means and practically all immunocorrectors are impossible to be used, just Recicen RD is well combined with antimicrobic preparations. Recicen RD potentiates effect of spasmolytics in chronic endometrites causing incompetent pregnancy when the role of infectious agent is not very actual and postinfectious consequences become predomonant. Recicen RD is also good for treatment of pregnant women with various extragenital pathologies of both infectious and noninfectious origin, because it is known that intestinal microbiocenosis is involved into any pathologic process occurring in human organism, but dysbiotic states worsen clinical course of the main disease. Recicen RD, being included into complex treatment of pregnant women with urogenital infections, chronic pathology of gastrointestinal tract, hypotheriosis, cardiovascular pathology, optimizes its results.
It is difficult to overestimate significance of Recicen RD in gynecology. It is known that acute and chronic inflammatory processes in external and internal genital organs predominating in the structure of gynecological pathology are cured much better if antimicrobial means are used in combination with immunocorrecting antiinflammatory preparations as well as eubiotics. All these properties in this or that degree are typical for Recicen RD that permits to use it for gynecological patients with the pathology mentioned above. Prevailing gynecological diseases such as uterine myoma, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, mastopathies are developing in conditions of disturbed neuroendocrinoimmune homeostasis and are often combined with various extragenital pathologies. While managing such patients, it is necessary to correct these disorders, conduct nonspecific systemic rehabilitation effect; in this situation medical complexes are formed individually, and often Recicen RD becomes a part of this complex. It is also used in women with premenstrual syndrome, pathologic climacteric syndrome as well as in patients with disregulatory menstrual function disorders. Being a good enterosorbent, stimulator of normal intestinal microflora, source of significant micronutrients, Recicen RD provides optimization of metabolic processes, increase in stable reserve of immune protection and thus, effects the main adaptive systems of the organism - nervous, endocrine, immune.
It is necessary to note compliance - an important property of Recicen RD - that is acceptability for the majority of patients. It is explained by several factors including absence of allergic reactions and side effects, good tolerance, absence of fetal injuring effect, low price and availability. After the course of Recicen RD treatment administered by the doctor, patients often repeat such courses independently and recommend it to be used by their relatives.
At present, it can be stated that application of Recicen RD has been introduced into obstetric-and-gynecological practice empirically. Experience of its use in separate pregnant and gynecological patients with a separate pathology was a success that allowed to widen the sphere of its application. Inclusion of the preparation into complex treatment of patients with various gynecological and obstetric pathologies confirms its high efficiency. However, multiple scientific investigations should be conducted to study the effect of this wonderful medicamentous remedy on mechanisms of pathogenesis in obstetric complications and gynecological diseases.

Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
of Anvanced Phycisians' Training Faculty of
Perm State Academy of Medicine

Doctor of Medical Sciences E.A. Sandakova

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