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Certificate of the International Congress
«Spa Treatment, Physiotherapy, Reviving Medicine of the XXI century»
in the nomination
«For the best nature healing gifts».
A Certificate of Honour at the First International
Show «Eco-City 2000», Certificate of the
IV International Congress «Folk Medicine
of Russia -past, present future». Certificate of the
III Congress of immunologists and allergologists
of the NIS. Registration certificate of the Health
Department of the Russian Federation.

The preparation consists of wine yeast (Saccharomyces vini), inactivated by warming up with the following drying, fermented wheat bran and artesian water minerals, which were utilized for the growth of these microorganisms. The preparation contains indispensable aminoacids, microelements, vitamins (especially B and D) and pectin.

The preparation and products containing this preparation have been tested and have got a very high evaluation of the leading clinics of the Russian Federation: the Medical Academy after Sechenov(Moscow), the Research Institute for Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Moscow), the Medical Academy after Mechnikov(Saint-Peters-burg), the Central Clinic of the Main Medical Center of the President's Administration (Moscow), the Kirov Military Medical Academy, the Central Research Institute of Stomatology (Moscow), the Research Institute of Microbiology (Kirov), Kirov State Medical Academy, etc.

Rekitsen-RD has a marked ability to absorb various toxic microbiotic and non-microbiotic agents. The preparation restores intestinal microflora in case of dysbacteriosis and acute intestinal inflammations by means of increasing the number of bifidum and lactobacteria and decreasing, up to eradication, the amount of relatively pathogenic and pathogenic microflora (Klebsiella, Proteeae, Escherichieae with atypical characteristics, Salmonella and Shigella). In case of infectious process and immunity compromise the preparation activates humoral immunity by means of increasing the concentration of immunoglobulins and it also reduces insidence of lymphadenopathy and decreases the concentration of in-terleukin 1/3 that indicates its anti-inflammatory effect. The preparation reduces blood glucose level (if it is accelerated), it also has anti-atherogenic effect, since it reduces cholesterol and LDL levels up to normal and increases HDL concentration. The use of this preparation leads to acceleration of anti-oxidant potential. Rekitsen-RD eradicates heartburn, restores digestion if any liver (hepatitis, cholecystitis), stomach (gastritis, peptic ulcer disease) and intestinal diseases occur; it also normalizes stools.

Dosage and usage information:

The preparation is used as restorative and preventive means:

  • by healthy people (children and adults);
  • if any environmental exposures occur (high pollution, high radiation).

In these situations adults should take 1 teaspoonful — 1 tablespoonful, and children (over 3 years) should take 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day, 30 mins before meals during 10 days with 7—10 days breaks. The preparation can be used as powder, swallowed by water. It can be put into water beforehand and then put into already cooked products. You can crumble the preparation and use it as a component of masks, which accelerates their absorbing effect.

The preparation is used as a component of combined therapy:

  • with GI diseases (stomatitis, dysbacteriosis, acute intestinal infections, peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, liver diseases, colitis) and also to normalize stools, to eradicate heartburn, to reduce meteorism;
  • with metabolism abnormalities (increase of blood athero-genic lipoprotein level, increase of blood glucose level, decrease of anti-oxidant potential);
  • with alcohol intoxication and alcoholic pathology.

In these situations adults should take 1 tablespoonful, and children (over 3 years) should take 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day before meals during 20-30 days or up to the normalization of condition. In case of alcohol intoxication the dosage can range from 1 to 4 tablespoonfuls 3—4 times a day. People prone to constipation should take 1 tablespoonful 3 times a day during first 1—3 days, and then the dosage may remain as it is or it can be reduced up to 1 tea-or dessertspoonful 3 times a day (the choice is very individual). The powder should be taken with water, not less than 100 ml per 1 teaspoonful of the preparation. In case of acute ulcer processes, the preparation should be crumbled or put into water before use.

Side effects:

Increase of stool frequency is possible within the first 2 days due to reinforcement of intestinal peristalsis. This phenomenon can dissolve without any treatment. With prolonged use of the preparation some weight reduction is possible.

Storage conditions:

Should be kept in a dry place with t 0—25°C within 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

Manufacturer CC «Yagodnoye», Yougrino, Kirov, Russia, 610051


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