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The report on application of REKITSEN-RD in patients with frequently relapsing inflammatory processes of various localization

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"AFFIRM" The rector of the Kirov medical academy correspondent member of RAMS, deserved science specialist of Russian Federation, professor V.A. Zhuravlev

Earlier it was found, that the complex consisting of wine yeast, enzymatically processed during their propagation on wheat bran, and artesian water minerals named REKITSEN-RD, has a wide spectrum of improving effects. The medicine restores an intestine microflora, has detoxicant activity, eliminates a hyperglycemy and hyperlipidemy, is effective in treatment of allergic diseases and pathology of a gastrointestinal tract, activates humoral immunity in serious infectious process (tab. 1).

At the same time, immunotropic and anti-inflammatory effects REKITSEN-RD are investigated unsufficiently, in particular, in diseases based on a frequently relapsing inflammatory process of various localization. No complex study was carried out to investigate influence of the biologically active nutritional additive on a lymphatic system, parameters of the immune status and quantitative parameters of inflammatory cytokines, as it was the purpose of the present research.

Effects of REKITSEN-RD

  1. Restores a microflora of an intestine.
  2. Detoxicant action.
  3. Restores a carbohydrate and lipide metabolism.
  4. Renders immunomodulating effects in allergic and infectious processes.
  5. Restores a digestive homeostasis.

Materials and methods

The research was carried out on 19 patients with frequently relapsing inflammatory processes of various localization (in 10 cases it were often ARD and herpetic rash, in 3 cases - an adenoid disease, in 3 cases - pyoderma, in 1 - the expressed lymphadenopathy, in 1 - chronic gastritis, at 1 - an osteochondrosis). In 2 cases the variants of a pathology were combined with urogenital chlamidiosis and long-lasting subfebrile temperature. The age of surveyed varied from 13 till 54 years.

All patients were made manual examination of lymphatic nodes. With the help of the standard techniques blood amounts of lymphocytes, neutrophils, eosinocytes, monocytes, T-lymphocytes (E-RFC, CD2+), B-lymphocytes (EAC-RFC), concentrations of serum immunoglobulins G, A, M were determined Cytophagous activity of neutrophils was investigated with the help of the original technique (Kuznetsov В.Ф., Obernbesova etc., 1995) using low and actively phagocytated objects. Lowly phagocyted objects were ram erythrocytes processed with formalinum and loaded with intestinal iersinia antigenic substances, actively phagocyted objects were ram erythrocytes loaded with antigenic substances of Flexner shigellas (diagnosticums for reaction of an indirect hemagglutination manufactured in St-Petersburg RIVS). Cytophagous activity of neutrophils was investigated in conditions of an adhesion of neutrophils on a surface of autologous blood cells (FAN1) and in a suspension of blood cells (FAN2). We determined percent of an englobement (%F). cytophagous number (FN) and cytophagous index (Fl). In blood serum concentration интерлейкина (IL)-1b and IL-4 were determined with the help immunoenzymatic techniques (Protein contour, St.-Petersburg).

The complex of clinical and laboratory tests was carried out before and after oral administration of REKITSEN-RD (Closed Company "Yagodnoye", Kirov) one tablespoonful spoon 3 times per day 30 minutes up to meal within 20 days.

Statistical processing of the results was carried out with the help of a package of the statistical programs Excel. Results The data are given in tab. 2. As it is visible from the table, before use of REKITSEN-RD the phenomena of an absolute and relative lymphocytosis with augmentation of quantity(amount) of B-lymphocytes, and also relative neutropenia were marked on the background of the normal absolute contents of neutrophils. The decrease of immunoglobulins A concentration was also marked. The table 2

Influence REKITSEN-RD on clinical and immunological parameters in cases of a chronic inflammatory pathology

The control After
Amount of lymphonoduses 3,64   2,12*
Leucocytes 6,00 5,91
Neutrophils in %   41,06 39,60
Lymphocytes in % 50,70 51,71
Eosinocytes in %   2,06 2,28
Monocytes in %   6,12 6,11
E-RFC in% 51,3 53,82
E-RFC in mcl 1,58 1,72
EAC-RFC in % 32,20 32,67
EAC-FATE in mcl     0,94 1,04
FAN1 iersinia %F   30,67 25,12
FN     0,70 0,48
Fl    2,15  1,62**
FAN2 iersinia %F     40,81 36.59
FN   0,62 0,51
Fl    1,46 1.34
FAN1 Flexner %F   37,6 35,4
FN 1,00   0,85
Fl 2,67 2,36
FAN2 Flexner %F 67,53 66,76
FN   1,25 1,22
Fl 1,80 1,79
Immunoglobulins G, г/л 11,68 11,59
immunoglobulins А, г/л 1,26 1,40
Immunoglobulins M, г/л 1,19 1,33
IL-1b, pg/ml 378,6 36,31***
IL-4 541,4 445,96
The note. * p=0,05; ** p=0,02; *** p=0,03.

The data evidence on primary activation of mechanisms of humoral immunity combined with failure of effector ones. The materials prove to be true also according to changes of cytokine balance. So, IL-1b being one of major pro-inflammatory cytokines concentration the raised more than 7-fold. And the essential IL-4 augmentation illustrate intensifying of mechanisms of humoral immunity, as IL-4 is produced by T-helpers of the second kind.

After oral administration of REKITSEN-RD the reliable decrease of amount of palpated lymphatic nodes is marked. Thus it is necessary to note, that in cases of presence of 3 and more palpated lymphatic nodes the decrease of the amount was marked. If initially 2 and less lymphatic nodes were palpated, the decrease was revealed only in one third of patients.

Total of leucocytes, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes and eosinocytes was not changed. Any changes of T- and B-lymphocytes amounts were not revealed also. The reliable regress of specific eliminating of activity of neutrophils (Fl) in the relation of lowly phagocyted objects and a tendency to decrease of %F and FN was marked. The normalization of concentration an IL-1b (p=0,03) was observed, thus the concentration an IL-4 was not essentially changed.

The given materials evidence that REKITSEN-RD has brightly expressed anti-inflammatory potential. On our view it is caused by the decrease of producing IL-1 b. The decrease of concentration it pro-inflammatory cytokine also determines decrease of specific eliminating activity of neutrophils, that is mostly obserbed in lowly phagocyted objects. That fact, that production of an IL-4 does not change essentially specifies that producing of antibodies was still on a high level.

The materials prove the necessity of wide use REKITSEN-RD in all spectrum of diseases based on the inflammatory process.

Head of pathologic physiology chair of the Kirov medical academy, doctor of Medical Sciences, professor V.F. Kuznetsov


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