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Report on application of biological active food additive "REKITSEN - RD" in complex treatment of therapeutic patients of elderly and senile age

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P.V. Mandryk 2nd Central Military Clinical Hospital


1. Purpose of research.
The purpose of research was to study the efficiency of clinical applications of REKITSEN -- RD for the treatment of hospital and ambulatory patients with disorders in digestion, circulations and metabolism diseases.

2. Patients.
REKITSEN - RD was used for the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases (different clinical forms of ischemic heart diseases), digestion disorders (chronic acalculous cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis with hypomotoric dyskinesia of great gut), and achrestic diabetes.

3. Methods of research
Efficiency of the treatment was assessed by comparing a of clinical symptoms in randomizing groups of patients with a number of not less than 10 persons with REKITSEN -- RD administration and in placebo groups.


REKITSEN - RD was applied in complex therapy of 25 patients with various forms of ischemic heart diseases (stenocardia, postinfarction atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis, disturbances of the heart's rhythm) during 3 weeks. Dosage: 1 tea spoon of REKITSEN -RD 3 times a day. Mean age of patients was 68 years (11 women, 14 men). For the research the patients with significant increase in total cholesterin, ALT, ACT and clinical symptoms of heart failure have been selected. 15 patients of the same age with similar symptoms of the disease, who did not receive REKITSEN - RD and anti-lipidemia therapy were used for the control (II). Efficiency of the treatment was assessed by comparing the decrease in biochemical parameters and clinical symptoms.

After the termination of the treatment in a hospital the total cholesterin, ALT, ACT were normalized in 22 patients from 25 with REKITSEN RD administration. On the second week of therapy all patients exhibited the improvement of general physical and mental states, the quality of sleep, the increase of endurance to physical loadings, the reduction of nausea, general weakness, irritability, in comparison with the placebo group (control).

15 patients (III group) with clinical symptoms of the combination of chronic acalculous cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis with hypomotoric dyskinesia of great gut received the same dosage of REKITSEN -- RD during two weeks. Mean age of patients was 75 years. In the third group the dyspepsia phenomena (belch by air, heartburn, nausea, bitter in a mouth, flatulence, constipation) were reduced faster in comparison with the control group (10 persons).

At the increase of REKITSEN - RD dosage up to 1 table spoon 3 times a day the softening and normalization of a stool consistence were marked in 10 from 15 patients.

In all patients from the third group (12 persons) the increased biochemical parameters of blood (bilirubin, ALT, alpha-amilase, alkaline phosphotase) were normalized.

The patients from the fifth group (10 persons) with chronic achrestic diabetes received 1 table spoon of REKITSEN - RD 3 times a day during two weeks.

During REKITSEN - RD administration the tendency to reduction of hyperglycemia and glycosuria was marked in 9 patients from the fifth group (10 persons) that allowed lowering of the dosage of anti-lipidemic preparations by 1,5-2 times.


Application of a biological active food additive REKITSEN - RD in complex therapy of therapeutic patients is one of promising directions in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases, digestion, and metabolism disorders. REKITSEN - RD is a biological active food additive received on the basis of wheaten bran, specially selected wine yeast and artesian water.

REKITSEN — RD contains essential amino acids, pectin, vitamins of В group B1, B2, B6, and PP, D2, E, microelements (potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, zinc, iron); possesses marked adsorptive properties, binds toxic agents of microbial and nonmicrobial origin and currently is one of most powerful enterosorbents in the world.

REKITSEN - RD can be recommended to use in geriatric practice for the treatment of patients with combined diseases of cardiovascular system, digestion, and metabolism disorders.

Relatively low price of REKITSEN RD in comparison with another biological active food additives allows to apply REKITSEN -RD widely under present economic conditions for the treatment of poor patients by cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, therapeutists, doctors of families.

Deputy Chief of Branch №1 of 2nd Central Military Clinical Hospital of P.V.Mandryka
Colonel of Medical Service A.Vojchuk
Report is compiled by Head of Therapeutic Department
of Branch №1
V. Suvorov
Major physician of therapeutic department I. Telegin


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